The Buzzed Word

began as a funny Instagram series.

A way to combine my two favorite things that I talk about constantly—books and wine. One day, I realized that I was frequently enjoying both together but I'd never seen them "paired." It made perfect sense to me—what pairs better with a good book than a glass of wine? Sure, coffee and tea are the "cozy up" favorite beverages, but wine is an almost immeasurable world with as rich a history as the literary one. It's ever expanding, ever changing, and it contains as many multitudes as any classic work of poetry or prose. It was a no-brainer to pair them together in a way that made both approachable and fun. Because they are! And bringing both to people in an accessible way was important to me. As the series went on, many people told me how much they loved it and valued it. So viola! You can also follow along on Instagram—that’s the best place for constant news & updates on this.

The "me" here is Mickie Meinhardt, a Brooklyn writer of many things. Find more about me, including the reading series I host, the newsletter I write, and my non-vinicultural writings, on my website. I welcome recommendations and requests on books or bottles to review—email me at mickiemeinhardt [at] gmail [dot] com, or find me most places on social media at @mickiemyheart.